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Incredible Edible Cell!

This post is going to be about my science/language arts project. In science our teacher, Mrs.Huysman told us that we had to make a model of a cell. We could pick whether to do a model completely made out of edible things or a regular  model of a cell made out of about anything. I picked to do an edible cell because I love to cook! Then we had to pick whether to do an animal cell or a plant cell, I picked to do an animal cell. After we make the animal cell we have to put things on top of it to represent the cell parts ( the nucleus, cytoplasms, etc.). When all of that’s done we have to present it.

About an Animal Cell

An animal cell has many parts like a nucleus, chromosomes, vacuoles, and many more! The animal cell is round. A human has 46 chromosomes! There is so much to tell you about the animal cell. The animal cell does not have chloroplast or chlorophyll unlike the plant cell. All parts of the cell have a special role to do in the cell. Here are all the parts of an animal cell;

Cell Membrane- The cell membrane is a thin outer covering that holds a cell together.

Nucleus- The Nucleus is the control center if the cell, it controls the activities of all cell’s parts.

Cytoplasm- The Cytoplasm is the clear, jelly-like material that fills the space between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

Chromosomes- Chromosomes are the string-like structure in a cell nucleus that carries information controlling all the cell’s parts.

Ribosomes- The Ribosome is organelle that puts together proteins for the cell.

Mitochondria- The Mitochondria is an organelle where food and oxygen react to release energy

Vacuoles- The Vacuole is sac-like material used for storing material.

and finally………..

Endoplasmic Reticulum- This is organelle that transports materials inside the cell.

                     Interesting Facts

1) Not all organisms have the same amount of chorosomes. A normal human has 48, A housefly has 12, A cat has 38, a dog has 78, and a crayfish has 200!

2) A cell can have as few as one mitochondria or as many as 10,000 or more!

3) Animal cells contain many small vacuoles.

4) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek observed little cells or as he referred to as “wee beasties” in a simple microscope in 1673. Leeuwenhoek was a dutch lens grinder who studied living organisms.

5) The cell theory was developed in the 1800’s by three German biologists, their names were; Theodor Schwann, Matthias Schleden, and Rudolph Virchow.

6) The cell theory states that the cell is the basic unit of all living things and only living cells can produce new living cells.

Information from; Our Science book

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Think about how you act

 Hey guys! This post is about treating others good. My friend Lizzie and I went to Pumpkin Show on Saturday, It was a blast! We ate, rode rides, and looked at all the pumpkins, another thing we did was notice how rude people were being to each other!

Lizzie and I didn’t say anything to anyone because so many people were doing it.  People were shoving through crowds, cussing,  screaming, and just plain being mean. We were waiting to get on The Zipper and a guy pulled out a knife! We also saw a lot of people calling other people they didn’t even know really mean names. The bad part is this kind of stuff doesn’t only happen during Pumpkin Show, it happens everywhere. You only live once so why waste your life making someone else’s terrible. Most people think that it’s okay if your rude to some people but why do that it’s not going to help you get a job, go to collage, or anything else. It may make you feel better about yourself, but ask yourself, is it really worth it? Being mean isn’t going to make you cool or anything else and TV shows aren’t doing a very good job showing kids that.

Just remember to be respectful, kind, and helpful to anyone, even strangers not because someone told you to, do it to just be a nice person. You may not get paid to do it, or get anything from it, but you will be looked at different you will be looked at as a kind and respectful person. Most importantly treat others the way you want to be treated. Thanks for reading, come back soon!


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Pumpkin Show!

Hey everybody! This post is going to be about Pumpkin Show! I am so excited for it. My favorite thing to do is ride huge rides, and you don’t get to do that very often. In the middle of Circleville! I try to go as much as I can to the Pumpkin Show, a lot of times I go with my friends. The only thing is it is so expensive.

                       The Rides

I am a big roller coaster person, it seems like the more sick it makes you the more fun it is! My favorite rides there are the Screamer and the Zipper (above). I really hope they have them both this year. I love the feeling of being scared that your going to fall out and people screaming all around you because they feel the same way.  I also like the Ferris wheel and the Boat. I really hope they have a lot of good rides this year!

                       The Food

I love pumpkin show food (or maybe its just that I like junk food!). I think that pumpkin show is the one time of the year that you can eat as much as you want and don’t feel guilty about it.  My favorite things to get at pumpkin show are Lemonade shake-ups and Pumpkin Pie! I have never been somewhere that sells more Pumpkin-Themed food than Pumpkin show!

I am really excited to go. Thank you for coming to my blog. See you at Pumpkin Show!

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My Birthday!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell about my birthday. My birthday was, October 9th. I had a really good time. I hope you have a good time reading this post!

The first thing I did for my birthday was I got my haircut (which was my mom’s idea). Then I got to do what I really had been looking forward to, I got my doubles pierced! I was really nervous at first but then when it was over I realized how easy it was. Getting my doubles pierced and my haircut was a really early birthday present for me, because I got them done in September! Around the first week of October I got to have my birthday party. I invited two of my friends over to spend the night with me, it was really fun!

I got a lot of really cool things for my birthday. My mom got me this really cool perfume made by Selena Gomez (image above). She also got me a book filled with things we did over the summer, like go to Kings Island with my friend Lizzie. Then my grandma gave me 60 dollars to spend! My favorite present I got was a guitar! I love it so much!

I very glad that I got to have an amazing birthday with my friends and family! Thanks for coming,  come back soon:)


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Caps Because we care!

  Hello again, its Megan! I just wanted to remind everyone that Friday, October 12th  Saltcreek Intermediate school is going to have a hat day!

All you have to do is bring in 25 cents or more to wear your hat all day long! All the money that student council raises is going toward a special girl in the sixth grade who has leukemia. We will donate the money toward whatever her family needs, to help her get better.

Just remember to bring in a hat and a quarter to help her. Your classe’s student council representative will collect the money in each class. Thank you for reading, come again soon!

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The Hunger Games!

 I am reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I got this book on Monday and I am one page 127.

So far this book is very thrilling, and exciting! The most exciting part of The Hunger Games so far is when everyone from District 12 goes to the reaping, Then Effie puts her hand in the giant bowl to put out a girl’s name and a boy’s name to go in The Hunger Games. Prim’s name was only in there once, but her name was called! Prim started to walk up to the stage when her sister Katniss volunteered to take her place, Prim started to freak out and say no but if someone volunteers they have to choice but to let them go.

I can’t stop reading The Hunger Games and I don’t want it to end!! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense, drama, and action. I hope you choose to read this book, you won’t be disappointed!

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Hard Work Pays Off!

This is a post about taking your time and working hard. I hope you enjoy this post. I think that is is very important to take your time. If you just guess there is only a 25% of a chance you are going to get it right out of four questions.

Even if you are not the smartest kid or the best reader, you can still make an effort. Just try you hardest no matter what! If you are stuck on a question don’t say “I give up” or “I can’t” just read it again and again until you understand it.

On the benchmark test I really tried my best to get all the questions correct. Some of them were very confusing for me so I skipped them and went back later. Then after I answered all the questions I went back and checked all of them. I looked at each question and then read the selection again and thought to myself is that the best choice, does it make sense, and could that really be the right answer.

I have learned a lot from The Reading Workshop’s post. Don’t get in a hurry just to prove to friends how fast you can get done, it’s not a race. It doesn’t matter if you got a 40% and took an hour to do the benchmark, but what does matter is if you got a 90% and took five minutes to do the test. Because that means you didn’t check and make sure that you did the very best you could. I hope you learned something from this post, come back soon!!


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I love to…

Hello again! This blog is going to be about what I love to do. I really hope you enjoy!

I love to sing and act!!! It has always been my passion to act. I used to pretend I was in a t.v. show and walk around pretending I was different people! I didn’t want to start singing until about a year ago. It all started when I was just singing in my grandma’s car with my friend. I guess I was singing a little to loudly because my friend started telling me how good I was!

My dad and I always sang together, but just for fun I never thought I was actually not that bad. My favorite song to sing is my dad and I’s song. Its called Folsom Prison Blues, by Johnny Cash. I have known for forever it seems like. When I was three I went to Myrtle Beach with my mom. We were at a little beach concert when they called me to the stage and told me to sing! There was a lot of people around and I was really nervous but I sang twinkle, twinkle little star in front of everyone!!!!

About a year ago my mom and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings karaoke night, it was really fun hearing a bunch of people sing. My mom told me I should go up there sing, I said NO! Then she told me who cares what people think about how you sound, its just for fun! Finally she talked me into it, I was really nervous about singing there but when I was done everyone clapped and acted like they liked it. I was so happy that I did it!

One day in July, 2011 I got to go to a thing called The Event in Columbus. I went to The Event because there was an ad on the radio, I didn’t really think much about it because I thought it could be a scam. Then I thought about how much I wanted to be an actress, so I called in! It was really fun.

Then the day of the audition I got a black skirt and a dress shirt to wear and my hair was REALLY curly! Then we filled out a form saying our passions, and what instruments we could play, I said vocals and the drums(even though I’m not that good). I was really scared because there was a lot of people there. I had to say an ad for a commercial, then something bad happened. When I get really nervous I talk very fast… So they called me up to do the part when I started to talk really fast. I never got the call:(. But that’s okay maybe next time!

Thank you for reading, come back soon!!!!!!!!

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Shipshewana, Indiana!!!

Hi everyone!! I did a project in Social Studies about somewhere I have been. This post is about my trip to Shipshewana, Indiana. I will list facts, where it is located and about my stay there! Thank you for coming I hope you enjoy!

   Facts About Shipshewana!

Shipshewana was found in the 1830’s.  It is 63.094 square miles. Shipshewana’s population as of 2011 was six-hundred and sixty two people. Its elevation is 896 feet. Shipshewana also has the biggest flea market in the mid-west. As you can tell Shipshewana is a cool place, that’s why its nickname is the heart of Amish country!!!

Shipshewana’s latitude and longitude is forty-one  degrees north and eighty-five degrees west. It is in the Southern Hemisphere.

                                           My Stay In Shipshewana

I went to Shipshewana, Indiana in late July. I go there about twice a year to visit my great aunt Nancy and my cousins. We didn’t know about Shipshewana until about ten years ago. My aunt Nancy actually lives in Elkhart, but my grandma got tired of staying in Elkhart. Because its not the fanciest place in the world. So one day she drove outside of Elkhart and found a little town called Shipshewana. Shipshewana is not very big, but its not small either, it has a lot of hotels and little stores filled with antiques.

I went with my grandma and my friend Liz,  it took about four and a half hours to drive there, that was the boring part!! I always get so excited when I see the Welcome to Indiana sign because I know we are almost there.  Once we were there we stayed at the Farmstead Inn. We swam and ate lots of Amish homemade food. My favorite place to eat in Shipshewana was The Blue Gate. The Amish food was very good they make mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, chicken, rolls and so much more! The restraunts in Indiana were huge!

After two days of being in Indiana, we got to help out at a farm. To go there you had to ride in a horse and buggy for about an hour! Our horse’s name was Bob, he is in the picture above. They are really slow to ride, but I enjoy it. The first thing you do at the farm is feed the horses, then they tell you about the history of the farm. After that you get to milk the cows, then you feed the baby cows with something that looks like a giant baby bottle. And  you get to hear about what the process is to get milk from the cow to you table. The last thing you do is eat homemade ice cream!!!

Another thing we did was shop like crazy!!! In Indiana they had a lot of small and big stores. My favorite one is called  Davis’s Mercantile , it is HUGE!!!! It has four floors! Davis’s has a candy shop, a merry go round, a statue store, a music store, a cafeteria, a kids store, and my favorite a, Vera Bradley bags store! It has more too, but there is too many to remember!!!

I really hope I get to go to Indiana again this year. I love it so much there and I love going there with my Grandma. I almost feels like a second home!! Thank you for reading, come back soon!

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